Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

Sometimes there are directors who work well with a partner, like the Wachowski brothers or the Coen brothers.

But Jake and I have found that it's near impossible for us to direct anything together. Despite the fact that we work with each other on EVERY project, our ideas are so radically different that any joint directing venture usually ends in us fighting.

For example, Jake was directing the Rootclip videos and I realized that throughout the entire project I was snippy and undermined his authority. I'd suggest something, he'd disagree, we'd argue and so on.

Then it was my turn to direct for the Louisiana Hot Sauce Solution. Any time I gave Jake direction he was extremely resentful towards me, and if what I said wasn't %150 clear, he'd make a caustic remark about my directing skills.

Our friendship has always had a level of competition. Any time someone is "above" the other, it drives the other one completely mad. But for the sake of our working relationship, it had to stop.

We came to an agreement: whoever is directing is directing. And the other, within reason, must listen to the director without bitterness or jealousy. And when the situation is reversed, that same level of dedication will be shown by the person who was director.

That simple agreement has changed everything for us. Our shoots have gone smoother. Our attitudes have improved and in my opinion, our videos have improved. Rather than focusing our energy towards each other, we are now directing it towards a common goal. Also, it allows us to develop our own styles-- because they are very, very different.

Anyway, keep your eye out for the Poptent video this weekend, which was directed by me and written/produced by Jake. Peace!


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