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People say I am lucky. Today it proved to be true. I went on a shoot this morning for StudioNow on the west side of town. It wrapped in about two hours and on my way home I decided to call L back, my friend from Fox Searchlight, to go over the details for a shoot I am attending on Sunday. The moment he asked if I was available for the rest of the day I was driving by Fox Studios. My reply was, "I'm right outside."

He called in for a visitors pass and the next thing I knew I was working on the lot. I helped him out and he sprung for lunch. He asked me to go pick up some more equipment and I went. I threw out a number for the day, and he threw one even higher. On my way out I realized that the equipment pick up was two blocks from my house, and I was done for the day. You lucky SOB.


Mitch(Dad II) said...

Damn straight,you lucky sob.

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