Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

...and often forgets.

The first one is a location scout.

You want the perfect bridge for the reunion scene, but you require something specific. The bridge has to have a view, it has to have little to no car traffic, and it must overlook a cascading waterfall with angels cut into the cliff face.

The location scout will go out and find anything that is remotely similar to your description, and put pictures in front of you to decide where you want to shoot. Then, once you have decided, they will go out and negotiate legal access to that particular location. I understand when you're producing indie films usually you're the location scout, so start taking pictures of places you visit. Keep a book of suitable locations, so when you need a hello kitty museum, you know exactly where it is.

The second one is a set designer.

The set designer is responsible for collaborating with the director and other members of the production design team to create an environment for the production and then communicating the details of this environment to the production manager and propmaster. They dress the set with everything from posters and bed spreads to paint and clothes in the closets. As a director it's easy to forget what is in the background, especially if you're focusing on the performances, but I must say that having a set designer makes all the difference in making your film project look authentic and beautiful.


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