Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

All mature, positive nonsense aside, I almost forgot to note that if you feel like you NAILED it, that your video truly was the best, you need to say something. You shouldn't be belligerent about it, but it never hurts to write and ask for feedback. Sometimes they'll give it to you and sometimes they won't.

But sometimes... and this is why it never hurts to ask... THEY'LL TELL YOU THEY TOTALLY OVERLOOKED YOUR ENTRY.

YES, that ACTUALLY happens. Jake and I entered a competition for a company that shall remain nameless with high hopes. We had hit and exceeded nearly every requirement in the contest but when the time of reckoning came, we received ZERO recognition. Not even an "also ran".

So Jake, thank god, wrote them and asked them how our entry could have been better. To which they replied: we didn't even look at your entry. Long story short, the *ahem* professionals running the contest ended up buying our commercial and awarding us a small chunk of change. All retardedness aside, it NEVER hurts to ask!


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