Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

One my favorite shows is called Cowboy Bebop. It's a show in which a traveling group of space bounty hunters move from port to port in search of the next pay day. They are motivated because they are constantly hungry. They only have enough money for both food and repairs, and repairs always come first.

I try to keep myself in a proverbial constant state of hunger. I have no shame in saying that I want the next and the best thing. I am a material girl. Things cost money, so does living. I stay motivated because if I don't win contests and fuel my art I will literally and figuratively experience death. No money equals no food, no house, and no creative ideas coming to fruition. That is simply not an option.

I thrive on the idea that if I do not make videos I will starve to death.

As Spike would say,
"You already had lunch, an hour ago!"

Spike: "Really? Did I like it?"


Michael said...

two words: mushroom episode

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Why choose fear?

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Choose the tickle monster!

Jake said...

I don't fear death. I fear stagnation.

DATE NIGHT! 2 tixs, two sodas, and two popcorns for 10 bucks!

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