Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

We are currently casting for the role of a crazy, cat-wielding female boss for our latest spec commercial.

At work I have a supervisor. And she is PERFECT for the role. But no matter how many times I ask, no matter how much I assure her it's just a one-line part, she refuses.

A question we are often asked is where we find our actors. And the answer is that we don't. We try to act in our own stuff as much as possible because it limits the chances of people flaking. But often times we absolutely cannot fill the roles ourselves and must cast outside of our circle of friends.

That's where LAcasting.com comes in. It's a free service that connects you to actors in Los Angeles, many of whom are willing to work for reduced rates or even for free.

And while I prefer casting people I know (and who I feel confident I could get a good performance out of), often times it's necessary to tap a service like that in order to get the most from a given project... even if it bags us a total weirdo.

Come on, Megan! You know you want to be a star!


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