Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

What most people probably don't know is that on top of creating these contest videos, I work a job with a 12 hour shift.

I get up at 8, get to work by 9 and generally come home around 9pm, 12 hours later. Every day.

This leaves me approximately 2-3 hours each day before I have to go to bed and repeat the same routine over again.

There have been times that I have been severely depressed at my job. 3 hours to yourself isn't much when you consider that you must drive home, cook something relatively healthy for dinner and then maybe take some time to disconnect from the world and relax. I have had days where I've gotten home at midnight and immediately gone to sleep without any real time to myself.

If I were not focused on some kind of long term goal, this routine would be soul crushing. Without constant dedication to SOMETHING, the long hours of serving OTHER people's goals would leave me a mere husk of a being. My job would destroy me.

The funny thing about having a job I dislike is that it motivates me to do whatever it takes to move up from this job. In fact, I probably get more done BECAUSE of my long hours. I make sure I use the time off to work on our contest videos and write my feature.

I get through the day knowing that this job is temporary, and because I like the people I work with. But I can't think of anything more tragic then doing something you don't like for your whole life. Which is why I refuse to let that happen. No excuses, 12 hour day or otherwise.

Sometimes, VCW waxes philosophical.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

Will, come hang out and work on laptops in cafes in Glendale with Jake and I someday so we can show you beautiful life that awaits you!

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