Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

Will's post yesterday was about the dangers of not having a long term goal while maintaining a soul crushing job. The post today will be about the dangers of not having a soul crushing job while making your long term goal a reality.

The first danger in not having a job is lack of structure. Usually the reason a person doesn't want a job is because they don't like structure. A person who doesn't like structure trying to structure their day is like someone with alektorophobia owning a pet chicken. They don't like it. I place numerous post it notes, alarms, and pop ups to remind myself what to do at what time. All to no avail. I do what I want when I want because that's the freedom of not having a job, but with that freedom comes great responsibility, you can only blame yourself when something good or bad happens. The associated stress of being your own boss and hustling everyday is tiresome. Which brings me to my second topic.

Money, or lack there of. When you don't have a steady soul crushing job you lack money. Simple as that. Money is not coming in on a constant basis, so usually as a stubborn starving artist you have to find some way to combine your passion/film, with work/money. I've been doing this by eking out a living making videos for howcast.com, studionow, and other odd companies. This is ideal when you want extra time to spend on passion projects, but it really sucks when it comes time to make those passion projects a reality, and you don't have enough money to feed your crew much less yourself. The soul crushing job that gives you a steady pay check starts to look pretty tempting after your seventh straight meal of top ramen.

There is a healthy balance to be struck. A part time job doing something related to your passion that pays enough to live with a little left over for side projects. I'll let you know when I find it. Thanks for tuning in.


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