Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

I did a commercial contest for Ila dusk a couple weeks ago, and part of the prize besides a little bit of money was the chance for an internship with BBH advertising. BBH is an ad agency responsible for some of the best commercials in the last couple years. They have a knack for understanding the temperature of the global advertising climate and producing commercials that entice and excite.

I will find out in the next couple weeks if I got the internship. The available places I can go are London, or New York. Which one would you choose and why?


Will said...

Honestly man I'd go New York. Unless you would want to set yourself up to start a new life in the UK. You can always visit the UK but you may not want to establish a career there long term.

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