Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

A little while back my good friend Matt Werner wrote us a letter. It went a little something like this:

Hey Will and Jake,

I’m writing with great news! Inspired by the success of Video Contest Warriors, and how you guys have won a number of video contests, I decided to enter one myself. I’m pleased to report success: of the 4 entries I made into Office Depot’s Adopt a Small Business video contest, 3 won $2,000 prizes!

I submitted video contest entries on behalf of the Global Micro-Clinic Project, Night on the Streets—Catholic Worker, and Sparkseed, three nonprofits I volunteer with. Thank you for inspiring me to enter this contest, and now helping these nonprofits with $6,000 in total winnings!

Matt Werner

Matt does a lot of awesome non-profit work. If you like to get in touch with any of the charities he represents, click some of the links above or contact him over at Matt's Writing.



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