Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

As some of you may or may not have noticed, Jake and I redid our intro video with the help of our friend Noah Pohl.

And though it may not look like it, a lot of thought went into the creation of said video. Being goofballs and delivering information can be tough.

After we posted our original intro video, viewable here, I got feedback from more than a few people saying our plea to the masses should have been more serious-- that we were hurting ourselves by trying to make it funny. After imagining professionals cringing while watching us, we decided it was time for something serious.

So I wrote another piece with Jake and I walking and talking, explaining in earnest what it was we were trying to accomplish. But it sucked.

It was boring. And worst of all, it wasn't US.

So after much internal debate, we decided it was better to do something that reflected our personalities, whether or not Spielberg or whoever would bowl over in their chair.

We'd rather have a small group of rabid fans and followers than a throng of people who simply tolerate us. So, while the first video had its moments, the second video more accurately reflects our sensibilities.

Check it out and let us know what you think.



Eric said...

The new video is loads better. Much funnier than the first one, but in a more mature manner. Dig it.

Will said...

I think the "mature" part of your statement is debatable, but glad you liked it!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

You both are better dressed.

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