Two filmmakers chasing the dream of producing their first feature film...
...and financing it solely through winning video contests.

The other week I posted an entry that mentioned our first video "5 Things You Shouldn't Do in a Public Restroom". Either we have more readers than I could have ever imagined, or it's just coincidence that I received an email from Google only days later. It looked like this:

I've always wondered about the process of getting paid by YouTube and thankfully the YouTube fairy decided to pay us a visit. Of course, I was excited to get started, so I clicked the link and found myself on a Terms of Use page. It told me that if there is anything copy-written in our video, then I can't make money from it.

There is, but Jake and I decided to ignore that fact and try anyway. That brought us to another page basically saying "Are you sure, dude? Are you sure you have the rights to everything in your video?" To which we again lied and responded "YES!". Then we were brought YET AGAIN to another screen warning us they will delete our video if there is anything copy-written contained within. Finally we decided to give up, but needless to say, we were excited at the prospect. Now, if only one of our COMPLETELY original vids would go viral...


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